Disney Lorcana - List of All Cards

In this page, all the Disney Lorcana cards from all expansions are listed. For the moment, we have cards from the sets the First Chapter, Rise of the Floodborn, Into the Inkland and Ursula's Return. We also had the Promo and Special cards. In this Trading Card Game, you will find and play all your favorite Disney characters.

From this site, you will be able to manage your cards in your collection, track you collection completion, build your Lorcana decks and discuss with other players about the cards of this game. From the Card Page, you can also quickly see in booster/box or deck you can find the cards.

Once we get sufficient statistics from users for openings, we will also display statistics about cards in packs (most/least drawn cards, percentage of change of getting card of specific rarity...).

In this cards collection, there are 868 distinct cards in 6 different sets. This collection is translated by the community in 2 different languages.